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We have been providing our clients the highest quality of personal and business income tax preparation for over 40 years. We work hard to simplify tax complexities. Our goal is to comply with the tax regulations, while at the same time, minimize your tax liability.

Our services include tax, financial & estate planning, small business startups, annual filings, financial statements and real estate sales.

We can assist you as an Official IRS Enrolled Agent with Offer in Compromise and tax audits.

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Fees for existing clients are usually discounted.



 Electronic Filing IRS can mail a check or Direct Deposit your refund within 2 weeks from the date of e-file acceptance. FREE
 Personal Protection Plan


Individual Returns:  annual fee covers response to any letter audits from the IRS or State for a period of 3 years

Individual Returns including Schedules C, E, F & Businesses under $500k $39 each

(additional $10 for each Schedule)

Businesses with Revenue over $500k $49
Businesses with Revenue over $3M $90
The Personal PPP is a valuable insurance you won’t want to do without.  Daily, we see a drastic increase in the amount of notices the IRS & State agencies send out.  Many of these notices can be addressed with a responding correspondence, thereby preventing the payment of unnecessary taxes.  Not having professional tax assistance when dealing with these notices can be a costly mistake. The $29 Plan covers  one tax return for a period of three years which is the time the IRS or State agencies have to question your taxes.  The Plan covers one tax year for three years.  This means it is necessary to purchase a plan annually to cover each year you file taxes.  For example, your 2015 tax return will be covered until April 15, 2019 for only $29.  That’s less than $10 per year.  Of course, there are returns which would not warrant coverage such as tax returns which do not itemize deductions.  However, if you itemize or file other schedules  with your taxes, we highly recommend this coverage for you. More complicated returns containing Schedules C, E, F and businesses need advanced coverage. We will charge and additional $10 per Schedule.  The coverage includes any letter responses and a 3-way phone call with an IRS agent if deemed necessary.  Without the coverage, we charge an hourly rate of $150/hr to provide these services.  Providing the Plan to all of our customers helps to keep your costs down. Please note that letter audits are different that live audits in which an IRS agent must come in to examine records.  There is much more time involved in live audits.  In these cases, we charge an hourly rate of $180 for representation by Phil Mazziotta who is an IRS Enrolled Agent and possesses the knowledge and skills necessary to negotiate with the IRS or State agencies.
  FORM 1040 Federal Individual Return with no Schedule A

With  Schedule A

$225 and  up
$275 and up
  Form 1040-SR Federal Senior Individual Return

$225 and up

  State Returns Full year residents
 $75 for each additional state
Part year residents
 $125 each state
  EIC Earned Income Credit
  Schedule B Interest and Dividends (5 line items)
additional line items
  Schedule C Self-Employment Income & Expenses (includes Sch. SE and Form 8829)  based on details
$20K or less revenue-$125
>$20K revenue-$250 and up
  Schedule D Capital Gains & Losses
$15/Line Item
  Schedule E Rental Property
$200 and up
$175 and up for each additional location
  Schedule F Farm Income
$250 and up
  Form 1095A Marketplace Insurance Statement

$75 and up

  Form 1116 Foreign Taxes Paid


  Form 2106 Employee Business Expenses
  Form 2441 Child/Dependent Care Credit
$100-1 child
$125-2 or more children
  Form 3903 Moving Expenses
  Form 4684 Casualties and Thefts Losses and Ponzi Scheme
$200 and up
  Form 4797 Sale of Business Property
  Form 6252 Installment Sale
  Form 8606 Non-Deductible IRAs
  Form 8812 Child Tax Credit
  Form 8863 Education Credits/deductions-AOC/LLC
  Form 8835 Renewable Electricity Production
  Form 8938/1140 Specified Foreign Financial Assets
  Form 8834/6 Qualified Electric Vehicle
  Form 8965 Exemptions for Marketplace Insurance
$20 each
  Form 9465 Installment Agreement
  Home Sale of Primary Residence
  RRC Recovery Rebate Credit
  MFS Married Filing Separately Optimization Worksheet
  FORM 1040X Amended Federal (current clients-we prepared original return)

Amended Federal (new clients-we did NOT prepare original return)

$125 and up
$225 and up
  Federal 1041 Fiduciary Return
$250 and up
  Form K-1 Forms 1065, 1041 & 1120S


  1120/1120S/1065 Corporation, S-Corp, Partnerships
$400 and up
 Business Services Business Start up: SS-4 filing only


Complete LLC Formation Including EIN


S-Corp Conversion


Form 1096 & 1099 Misc

$120 and up

Corporate Annual Report Filing


Dissolution of Corp or S-Corp


Profit & Loss Statement


Balance Sheet


Self-Employment Letter

Letter for Non-Audit Reasons


$150 and up

Additional Services Financial Planning – Initial Consultation
$140( up to an hr)
Letter Audit Response
$160 and up
Property Tax Reimbursement or ANCHOR application
Additional hard copy of tax return
Digital copy (CD or email) current year
Digital copy (CD or email) prior year

Certified Mail

FAFSA Application Assistance
Offer In Compromise
$350 and up
Offer In Compromise Follow up
$100 and up

Sales Tax Filing

$100 and up
Military Discount (active duty)
20% off
Service with a smile 🙂

always free